Perreault rips NHL Player Safety, threatens Virtanen with revenge

“Player Safety, my ass,” says the angry Jets forward.

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In case you missed it earlier this week, the Winnipeg Jets managed an impressive 4-0 victory over the Vancouver Canucks in a game that was not without controversy. 

Much of the controversy stems from a hit laid on Jets forward Mathieu Perreault from Canucks forward Jake Virtanen. Perreault was incensed with the referees after receiving an elbow to the chin on behalf of Virtanen.

Here’s the hit in question:

Earlier today, Perreault let NHL Player Safety that he’s NOT happy. He also let Virtanen know that he’ll simply club him with his stick should Virtanen try a similar hit again.

Check it out:

Virtanen went unpenalized on the play, in case you’re wondering…

While Virtanen isn’t known as a particularly dirty player, he does play a tough game and uses his size well. He’s been suspended once before for a late hit on then San Jose Sharks defenseman Roman Polak.

Remember this?

Virtanen was handed a two game suspension for this infraction.