Proposed trade between the Habs and the Wild.

Habs have a lot of cap space to work with.

Proposed trade between the Habs and the Wild.

The Montreal Canadiens and more specifically general manager Marc Bergevin still have over $8 million dollars in salary cap space for the upcoming 2017-2018 National Hockey League season and that has led to rampant speculation that there may be another move up Bergevin's sleeve. 

During a morning show on TSN''s 690 in Montreal Habs reporter Martin Lemay was asked if he felt Bergevin did indeed have another move in mind, and Lemay was hopeful that Bergevin did.

However Lemay does not see a "home run" type of move in the future, specifically mentioning Islanders captain John Tavares as an example of a home run deal, stating that he does not feel Bergevin has the pieces to make that deal a reality.

Lemay cited Tomas PlekanecAndrew Shaw and Phillip Danault as the most likely chips Bergevin would be willing to put on the table, and suggested that a more realistic deal would be one for the Minnesota Wild's Charlie Coyle.


Interestingly enough, Coyle was connected to a potential trade to Montreal early last season as once again the lack of depth up the middle was a glaring hole on the Canadiens roster, and we could see Bergevin looking at this option. 

The question however is whether or not the Wild would be willing to trade a young center at a $3.2 million cap hit, one who has a few more years left on his deal, for any of the pieces Bergevin may offer.