Radulov's ex-wife spills details of their divorce including cheating, private investigators and lavish spending

“I could easily spend a million in a day,” says the jilted ex-lover.

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A bombshell report from Russian language tabloid RT Sport has pulled the curtain back a bit on the messy divorce between Dallas Stars forward Alex Radulov and ex-wife Daria Dmitrieva. And by "pulled the curtain back a bit" I really mean "ripped the curtain right off the rod."

The article contains several quotes from Dmitrieva that, quote honestly, make both her and Radulov look pretty bad. Dmitrieva accuses Radulov of cheating on her almost perpetually, to the point where she was forced to hire a private investigator to follow Radulov when he was on the road with the Montreal Canadiens. Dmitrieva also revealed the fact that she spent lavishly, wrecklessly, and could "easily spend a million in a day."

I mean... just check out some of these quotes:

"There were situations when I found out that he communicates with other girls," Dmitrieva told NTV. "I got paranoid.
"I even hired a detective. We found a girl from Tver who he had before me. I wrote to her to stop, to warn about problems, but she later wrote to him from other accounts.
“I never knew how much my husband earned," she said. "I just knew that it was a lot, and it suited me.
"We had an impressive amount at home. He told me, 'when you need, you can take.'
"But I'm such a shopaholic – in a month I could spend quite a lot on clothes, then on bags, then on shoes. I’m from a poor family, and I had to "eat".
"He [once said]: 'Dasha, are you crazy? I'm sorry, but it's not OK to spend so much.' I could easily spend a million in a day.
"We mostly ate in restaurants because I flatly refused to cook. I didn't like it – it wasn't me at all.
"Once, I cooked chicken in a creamy sauce. As a result, he then felt bad. And I said that I would not cook any more."

Maybe it's just me but... does this woman think that these quotes make her look good? Look, I'm not going to dismiss Radulov's infidelity but spending a million dollars a day and then turning around and calling out other people for their behaviour is so far removed from reality that... man I can't even fathom. This woman was treated like royalty and then complains that her husband didn't like her chicken dinner? Get a grip. Welcome to the real world, Dasha...

For what it's worth, Dasha seems to be doing just fine according to her Instagram account: