Ref’s mic picks up Kadri’s brutal insult to Montour!

Brutal, but hilarious!

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The Colorado Avalanche had no mercy for the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night, beating them 6-1 and make sure to get under their skin. 

It’s easy to see that forward Nazem Kadri did a great job at that. While the Sabres attempted to use their physicality to make the Avs pay, Kadri used his words and we all know how brutal they can get. 

As officials tried to separate another scrum on the ice, the microphone of one of the referees caught Kadri screaming the following insult at Sabres blue liner Brandon Montour: 

“You’re a shitty defenseman on a shitty fucking team.”

He probably doesn’t know most fans in Buffalo got to hear it though… However, some fans felt the same after the loss: one threw his jersey on the ice…