Report: Bettman offers update on Olympic participation

The IIHF claims there's still a chance, but what does Gary think?

Report: Bettman offers update on Olympic participation

During his annual “State of the Union” address prior to game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, Gary Bettman poured cold water on any rumor the NHL had, in fact, reconsidered and was still negotiating to send its players to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

"I know that there have been a variety of comments either from Rene Fasel of the International Ice Hockey Federation or from representatives of the players’ association suggesting that this is still an open issue," said Bettman. "It is not and has not been. I hope that was definitive enough."

When asked by a media member why the NHL is so “anti-Olympics”, Bettman lashed back saying, "We’re not anti-Olympics, we’re anti-disruption to the season. And I don’t believe there’s any appetite to continue participation. Having said that, we said ‘listen, if there’s something you want to tell us that might change the equation, that might interest the teams, we’ll listen.’”

For the time being however it appears the matter is closed, at least from the NHL’s perspective. Can the IIHF and IOC throw a hail mary pass to save things and bring us all what we love?