Report: Canadiens to hire franchise icon Damphousse as Bergevin’s boss

Reports of some big front office moves in Montreal.

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According to a french-language report from Montreal Journal reporter Rejean Tremblay, the Montreal Canadiens are expected to former captain Vincent Damphousse as the team’s next president.

Check it out:

This is interesting for a number of reasons.

 Firstly, Damphousse has zero experience working in an NHL front office. His first day as President of one most famed hockey organization in history will be his first day as an NHL front office employee. You sure that’s the guy you want in charge?

Secondly, Damphousse would be GM Marc Bergervin’s direct boss. It’s assumed that Bergervin is on a short leash with owner Geoff Molson, so how might Damphousse’s hiring change that? Will Molson pull back from day to day operations a bit? Will Damphousse have any say on player personnel decisions?

Suffice it to say, this has all the makings of a potential disaster if things don’t go well in Montreal over the next calendar year. It’s a pivotal time for this franchise and they’re reportedly content with putting their trust in a front office rookie. Stay tuned, Habs fans.