Report: Ex-Canuck sued over incident at Kelowna property

Wow! No wonder he worked so hard for a new contract this summer!

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According to a report from Global BC, former Vancouver Canucks forward David Booth is being sued for an alleged incident that occurred at their vacation property in Kelowna.

According to the court documents, plaintiff Jason Feinstadt and a group of friends had rented Booth’s Lakeside Road property in June when the plaintiff was burned badly trying to light the property’s barbecue. According to Feinstadt the barbecue exploded into flames burning his face and neck, both arms, hands and legs.

He further claims he now suffers from anxiety and has difficulty sleeping.

The lawsuit alleges that Booth was negligent in managing the property, “permitting the premises to be… inadequately maintained and in a dangerous condition and a danger and a trap to persons accessing the premises.”