Report: Expected price for Kane leaked by NHL insider!

Expect several teams to line up offers!

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With the blockbuster trade of Matt Duchene now in the books, another NHL player has grabbed the first place on TSN's Trade Bait List

Buffalo Sabres star forward Evander Kane has become the most lilkely trade candidate this season, and he seems more and more desirable with his nine goals and six assists in 15 games. 

Kane is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer for the first time in his career, and as he is on pace for a highly-productive season, rival clubs will look to acquire him before the Trade deadline to make a playoff run this spring. Furthermore, Kane could become more than a rental player if a team looking to land him offers the sniper a lengthy contract along with it. 

"I’m not sure that Buffalo necessarily wants or expects to sign him long term. And he’s going to be looking for a raise, said Bob McKenzie on Wednesday morning during a radio hit on Montreal’s TSN 690. "So I’ll probably default to maybe it’s more likely he gets traded, but I guess it gives pause to consider that if you’ve got Eichel and Kane going on this top line – I mean, you’ve got to be careful where you’re not into a perpetual situation here."

McKenzie went on to reveal what the price will end up being for Kane if teams seek to use him on a rental.  

"What are you going to get for Evander Kane as a rental. And my guess is it’s probably future considerations. Well, how badly do the Buffalo Sabres need future considerations and how badly do they need somebody that can score 30 goals, and if healthy, like money in the bank or close to it.

So I don’t know. That’s a tough one because the standard answer would be Evander Kane is getting traded out of Buffalo between now and the deadline, and the better he plays the more they’re going to get for him. But as I said, the flip side is what if he wants to stay, what if they want to keep him."

Teams will surely give the Sabres a call, and this is a situation we will continue to monitor.