Report: Former 40+ goal scorer and NHL star signs in KHL farm league!

Oh how the mighty have fallen…

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According to a report from KHL insider Slava Malamud, former NHL star Alex Semin isn’t done with pro hockey just yet. After reportedly retiring from the KHL earlier this offseason, Semin has now signed a deal with his hometown team in Russia.

Check it out:

Ouch. How the mighty have fallen. The Vysshaya hokkeinaya liga, or the Supreme Hockey League as it translates into English, is  27 team league that essentially acts toward the KHL in the same way that the AHL acts toward the NHL. It’s hard to imagine that Semin, a former 45 goal scorer at the NHL level, couldn’t even get a deal in the KHL and is forced to try to resurrect his career in the minor leagues of Russia.

In 58 games with Magnitogorsk Metallurg in the KHL last season, Semin put up a respectable 16 goals and 30 points. But, as always with Semin, his point production is only half the story. The veteran has been plagued by a seemingly poor attitude and hasn’t shown true commitment to the game at any level. His story is the case of a player who at one point had all the tools necessary to become a superstar, but lacked the ability to put everything together on a consistent basis.