Report: Former Flyers general manager offered Eric Lindros an NHL comeback.

This would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

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The ridiculous tale of general manager Paul Holmgren added another chapter today.

The Former Flyers general manager is best known for giving out questionable contracts he handed out during his tenure, contracts that continue to plague the Flyers to this day, years after he was removed from the position, but the story of the worst contract he tried to offer wasn't public until today.

According to comments made by Philadelphia Flyers legend Eric Lindros during a media scrum on Friday, Holmgren reached out to him in 2012 about coming out of retirement and making a potential return to the Philadelphia Flyers roster, as a player. Lindros' reply was likely what most fans would have said had they heard the offer had been made.

"Are you nuts?"

Lindros had already been out of the league for five years, and even prior to his retirement his skills and play had declined in large part thanks to multiple devastating concussion, making a return not only unlikely but also potentially dangerous.

Despite the love for Lindros, this is one deal fans will be glad Paul Holmgren was unable to make.