Report: Habs may have finally pushed their fans too far.

Cracks showing in the Habs fan base.

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The Montreal Canadiens have long seemed like an untouchable monolith in the National Hockey League with one of the most rabid hockey fan bases anywhere in the world, but now there are cracks finally showing.

According to a reportfrom The Canadian Press, the Canadiens have so badly damaged their team loyalty that there is now a serious concern regarding their over 13 year sell-out streak. 

The Habs have so badly damaged their fan loyalty that tickets on the secondary market are now being sold at lower than face value, something that is unheard in the Montreal market. 

Of course the poor start the Canadiens have had is obviously hurting their bottom like in that regard, but frustration with the current management group has exacerbated the problem for the Canadiens.

The last time the Habs failed to sell out was in January of 2004, but for the first time in a long time it looks like there is a legitimate chance that streak could come to an end.