Report: Leafs will NOT use a buyout on T.J. Brodie
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Report: Leafs will NOT use a buyout on T.J. Brodie

Still no official word on Matt Murray yet though...



UPDATE: An update to yesterday's report regarding potential buy-out situations for the Toronto Maple Leafs with defenseman T.J. Brodie and goaltender Matt Murray.

Leafs insider Terry Koshan of The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Leafs have confirmed they will NOT be buying out the contract of Brodie.

Check it out:

More to come.

Read below for our earlier report on this developing story.

The Vancouver Canucks sent shockwaves through the NHL this past weekend when the team announced that it was buying out the contract of veteran defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson. It's a $19.5 million commitment from the Canucks to cut bait with Ekman-Larsson, a player who they traded for just two seasons ago.

While it was an expensive decision for the team to make, most fans and media analysts seem to be in agreement that it was the right decision to make. Ekman-Larsson's $8.25 million contract for the next four years was an absolute anchor around the neck of Canucks management and prevented them from making any meaningful roster changes due to their cap constraints. With him gone now though, the Canucks have over $6 million in cap space and the flexibility to remold their defensive core.

Now, there's speculation that the Toronto Maple Leafs may follow suit.

It's no secret that the Leafs are also in salary cap Hell, thanks mostly to the contracts handed out by former GM Kyle Dubas. So... who goes?

NHL insider Frank Seravalli reports that the Leafs have been considering buyout out the contracts of both goaltender Matt Murray and defenseman T.J. Brodie. Buying out both players would save the Leafs about $9.1 million in 2022-23. That's certainly a large chunk of money for new GM Brad Treliving to bolster his squad, but does he have the guts to do it? Say what you will about Murray, but he's still the most experienced netminder the Leafs have. Having said that, I think most Leafs fans would prefer to dress Ilya Samsonov and Joseph Woll over Murray next season. It's the final year of Murray's deal, so the long-term impact of buying him out would be just two years long. If they bought out Murray's contract they'd be on the hook for $2.6 million both this season and next season, rather than the $6.25 million they would pay him in 2022-23.

As for Brodie, a buyout would save the team $5 million this season, with a $2.5 million cap hit for next season. I honestly don't see this happening though. Unlike Murray, Brodie is a pretty reliable player and can actually help the Leafs next season despite his contract.

Stay tuned, things could get interesting in Leaf Land.

Source: Terry Koshan