Rumor: Details of Coyotes “low-ball” offer to Taylor Hall revealed.

Insider reports details on Halls new deal.

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The Arizona Coyotes have been an absolute clown show over the last 48 hours or so with a ton of drama surrounding the sudden and shocking departure of now former Arizona Coyotes general manager John Chayka. I won't go into all the details about that, for that you can read our earlier report here, but one of the topics of controversy surrounding Chayka's departure was reportedly a dinner that took place between pending free agent Taylor Hall and Coyotes management, a meeting that did not include Chayka.

It was Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic who first broke the news that the Coyotes had reportedly made Hall a "low-ball" offer at that meeting, with Somers' source on this insisting that the offer had not come from Chayka, and although we still don't know officially if the meeting happened at all another reporter out of Arizona has now reportedly leaked details of the contract offer that was made to Hall. John Gambadoro of Arizona of 98.7 FM in Phoenix is now reporting numbers that would under normal circumstances likely constitute what many would consider a relatively low ball offer for Taylor Hall.

"Heard the offer to Taylor Hall was 5 years for about $7 mill per year so roughly $35 million."

An average annual value of $7 million is not likely what Taylor Hall or his agent are looking for and a relatively short term of 5 years probably isn't what they envisioned in an ideal scenario either. Especially not when they have the prospect of controlling their own destiny when they hit the free agency period that will take place at the end of this season. You do have to wonder however just how realistic this offer from the Coyotes might actually be given the dire salary cap situation that many teams will be facing around the league as a result of the season shutting down during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the salary cap not going up there will be considerably fewer teams in a position to offer Hall a big time contract, something the Coyotes front office is going to be well aware of. 

Chayka had reportedly put a good deal of work when it comes to contract talks with Hall prior to leaving the Coyotes, and you have to wonder if his offer to Hall would have at all resembled what the Coyotes have allegedly put on the table.