Rumor : Rangers looking at poor substitute for Raanta

This is quite... surprising.

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Antti Raanta has been gone from New York only a few days and fans are still scratching their heads about how it could have happened. The 28 years old was an excellent backup for Lunqvist and now that he's gone, the team has to find a decent replacement to the Finnish. 

Now that the UFA market is about to open, rumors are going wild. Darren Dreger reported about a huge one today when he hinted at a target for the Rangers.  

This is pretty surprising to be honest. Ondrej Pavelec might be a very good guy, but his statistics in Winnipeg were far from optimal. He tended the net only 8 games last year and allowed 3.55 goals on average with a save percentage of .888. Granted the sample size is pretty limited, but his reputations in Winnipeg was pretty clear and no one even thought about signing him again. 

Now that his original 5 years, 19,5M$ deal is done, he will look for a new contract and apparently the Rangers are interested. He has a lot of experience in the NHL, with 379 games played, but the 29 years old is not really the flavor of the week either. 

Tomorrow, we'll know more about it for sure!