Rumor: Third piece of trade between Islanders and Vegas confirmed.

More details on rumored trade between Golden Knights and Isles.

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We have a big update on what now sounds like a very real trade. 

Earlier today Islanders insider Arthur Staple reported that the Islanders had come to terms on a deal with the Las Vegas Golden Knights that would see the Islanders giving up their first round pick in order to avoid losing a high-end player to Vegas. 

As part of the deal the Golden Knights would agree to select the player the Islanders chose in the expansion draft, that player is believed to be Nikolay Kulemin, and while that remains accurate there is now an additional piece to this deal. 

According to Staple, the Islanders will now also be giving up veteran forward Mikhail Grabovski as part of this deal although who this helps more is up for debate. While yes the Golden Knights will be getting an experienced veteran to add to their roster, the Islanders will also be shedding the $5 million cap hit of a player who has demonstrated time and time again that he cannot remain healthy. 

This is likely to be just one of many such trades that have either been made or will be made in the next few hours.