Ryan Reaves takes out his own teammate with a huge elbow to the head.

Reaves with a huge fail.

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If I am Tomas Nosek of the Las Vegas Golden Knights I am probably having a long talk with my teammate after this one. 

On Friday night the Las Vegas Golden Knights took on the Anaheim Ducks in what turned out to be a pretty ugly game for the Golden Knights. The Golden Knights thoroughly outplayed from start to finish and they even managed to shoot themselves in the foot a few times during their 60 minutes of play against the Ducks, but the fail of the night unquestionably had to go to Las Vegas Golden Knights bruiser Ryan Reaves. Reaves not only had a major gaffe during the course of the game but it is the kind of mistake that could continue to have ramifications down the road for the Golden Knights. 

The clock was winding down in the game's third and final frame and it had already become abundantly clear that this night was not going to end well for the Golden Knights. The Ducks were up by 3 goals and there was no indication that the Golden Knights were going to make any kind of comeback late in the game, so perhaps it was that Reaves was attempting to set the tone for a future game down the line. Reaves attempted to deliver a big hit along the boards to Anaheim Ducks forward Ondrej Kase in the final minutes of the game, but Kase it seems had hm scouted out. When the big body of Reaves came flying in Kase was ready and he hopped out of the way, taking only a partial impact from the hit and cause Reaves to bounce off him in the process. 

That bounce took Reaves' momentum and drove it right into the aforementioned Tomas Nosek, and it was one hell of an impact. Reaves' elbow appeared to catch Nosek up high in the head and based on the reaction from the Golden Knights forward that is exactly where it hit him. Nosek did not immediately rise to his feet and it was not until a stoppage of play that the Golden Knights forward was able to regain his feet and his composure. I would not be surprised if Nosek is feeling the ill effects of this hit even days from now.