Sean Avery makes hilarious statement about replacing Jess Allen on CTV

​The former NHLer keeps fans going after the controversial comments she made on Don Cherry’s firing!

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Sean Avery needed to get involved in the whole saga surrounding the dismissal of legendary Canadian broadcaster Don Cherry by Rogers Sportsnet for making divisive comments about immigrants and newcomers to Canada who do not wear a poppy to show support for Canadian veterans.

Avery first suggested he could replace Cherry on Coach’s Corner, but then on Wednesday, got everyone laughing with his perfectly timed and hilarious proposal. 

It all happened when Canadians got engaged when CTV correspondent Jessica Allen made comments on the air, describing hockey players as “white boys” and “bullies” on CTV’s The Social.

Allen said that while she has been told that Cherry “is a Canadian icon and a symbol of the great sport of hockey,” she personally does not “worship at the altar of hockey.” She went on to describe such people as “a certain type of person in my mind, and in my experience, who does” and “they all tended to be white boys who weren’t, let’s say, not very nice.”
Allen then added, “They were not generally thoughtful. They were often bullies. Their parents were able to afford to spend $5,000 year on minor hockey: $5,000 is a lot of money. You can do other things besides than spending time in an arena. They could go on a trip and learn about the world. See other things, eh. The world is a big place. Get outside of that bubble.”

Avery, of course, needed to add his pinch of salt and suggested he could take over Allen’s spot on The Social. 

You have to admit this is pretty funny. With all the drama coming off this situation at Sportsnet with Cherry, fans deserve a good laugh. 

Thanks, Avery!