Seattle expansion group reveals team colors?!

The team officially launches a new website with a very unique color scheme.

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Even before the city of Seattle was granted an NHL expansion franchise, fans have been speculating at the name and color scheme of a potential team. Throughout the entire expansion process though, both the Seattle group and the NHL have been tight-lipped about any marketing details behind the team. 

Will they go the traditional route and adopt a name like the Totems or the Metropolitans? Or will they go the more modern route and adopt a moniker like the Sockeyes or the Kraken? Or, maybe there’s something in the works that fans haven’t even considered. There’s no way of knowing at this point, but a significant change made to the team’s official website yesterday has fans speculating on potential team colors.

Prior to yesterday the team’s official webpage was lacking in any color whatsoever, but yesterday it got a makeover with a unique red/mint green color scheme. 

Check it out:

Not going to lie… those colors could combine for an interesting uniform. At the very least, this scheme is more unique than the black/red combo that has been rumored as the team’s look in the past.

This red/mint green scheme with the name Seattle Sockeyes. Yay or nay?