Seguin spills woman's beer on purpose then laughs it off

“Way to go, Tyyyyler… way to go.”

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During warmups prior to last night’s game between the Dallas Stars and Calgary Flames, Stars forward Tyler Seguin decided to have a little fun with a Flames fan sitting in the front row. 

Check it out:

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“Way to go, Tyyyyler… way to go.”

Truthfully, this party foul is on the fans though, NOT on Seguin. Resting your beer on the boards is a serious “no no” for anyone that’s been to enough hockey games. When you have 200+ pound grown men slamming into the boards, it’s likely that your beer is going to end up either on your lap or on the ground.

Lesson learned. Now DON’T let it happen again. Our hearts can’t stand to see beer go to waste.

Shoutout to Reddit user Ubergeekpi for sharing this clip.