Sidney Crosby makes unbelievable donation to the local food bank.

Crosby continues to lead by example.

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Since taking on the role of captain for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Canadian superstar Sidney Crosby has always led by example when it comes to his charitable efforts and on Monday the man once called "Sid the Kid" once again raised the bar with an unbelievable donation to the local food bank.

According to a report from the National Hockey League's official website, Sidney Crosby has just donated a whopping 100,000 meals to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, an organization that serves 11 counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania. That works out to a staggering 120,000 pounds of food and it comes at a time when food banks have been dealing with an huge increase in demand due to the current situation around the country and the globe.

"I saw the people of Pittsburgh coming together to help one another and I wanted to be a part of that," said Crosby as per "The Food Bank and its staff have done an amazing job providing for so many people and I am proud to partner with them during this challenging time."

As I stated food banks have been taxed during this crisis and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank has been no exception. Over the past 7 weeks they have distributed over 4.2 million pounds of food, a million pounds more than they did over the same period in 2019. Donations like the one made by Sidney Crosby are how these organizations continue to manage to do the work that they do.

"Sidney is such an incredible person both on and off the ice," said Lisa Scales, President & CEO of the Food Bank. "He's provided great joy to this region during his tenure with the Penguins, and now he is helping us provide food assistance to those who need it most during the COVID-19 crisis."

There are many charitable organizations that continue to rely on the help of good people like Sidney Crosby at this time, so if you can afford to help please consider doing so. On the other side of that same coin if you are in need of help do not be afraid or too proud to ask for it.

For more information on how to receive food assistance please contact the Food Bank at 412-460-3663 ext. 655 or visit