Team Russia goalie Askarov stood at the blue line and watched Team Finland celebrate by himself

All by himself.


It wasn’t supposed to go down like this for the Russians… Team Finland came out on top, beating Team Russia by a score of 4-1 Tuesday to claim the bronze medal at the 2021 world juniors in Edmonton.

The Russians were consistent enough to get on the podium as we saw when the Czech Republic managed to shut them out 2-0 during the Group Stage. Finland was resilient in the bronze medal game and won over Russia. 

Eligible to return to the tournament next year, goalie Yaroslav Askarov took in the defeat. And he did more than that. He stood, by himself,  at the blue line and watched Team Finland celebrate. 

This not only shows resilience, but also great class and character. 

And it didn’t go unnoticed as fans applauded the young goalie for his desire to experience this heartbreak and stay to learn the lesson. 

We bet Askarov will come back more determined than ever and the Russians will be a competitive team next tournament, looking to get on that podium.