The Boston Bruins are breaking a long hockey tradition.

Some fans won't be happy.

The Boston Bruins are breaking a long hockey tradition.

The Boston Bruins will be breaking a long standing hockey tradition this season, and while we think it's a pretty solid idea from the organization, we're sure there will be some fans who find a reason to complain.

Despite the fact that it's tradition in hockey, and in many North American pro sports, to have the team's logo on the dressing room floor, the fiasco surrounding the logo and those who transgress against the team by stepping on it has often been a headache for both media post-game and the players themselves. As a result the Bruins will be removing their logo from the floor this season, and instead have found a fantastic way of displaying it on the ceiling(pictured above).

Here's what Cam Neely had to say about it:


“I never liked to put the jersey on the floor, I don’t know why the logo is on the floor,” Neely said as per NESN. “The whole concern about people stepping on it seemed to take up a lot of energy. I just felt it was time to move it.”

We happen to agree with Neely on this one, and considering how good the new logo looks we think a lot of people will be inclined to see the logic in Neely's statement. It will be interesting to see if other NHL teams follow the example set by the Bruins.