The Bruins unveil a brand new 3rd jersey for this season.

Bruins show off some new digs on Sunday.

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The Boston Bruins have just released some brand new digs and thus far their fans appear to be absolutely loving it. 

On Sunday the Bruins made a big announcement on social media when they revealed a brand new alternate jersey, one that will serve as the organization's third jersey for the 2019 - 2020 National Hockey League regular season. The new jersey will be worn 11 times over the course of this season, although at this time it is not entirely clear when the Bruins will be donning this particular jersey moving forward.

The jersey itself appears to be a throwback style jersey meant to invoke memories of some of Boston's most iconic players and unsurprisingly the team unveiled the jersey by showing it off on some of their most iconic players of the present day roster. As I stated the reception for these new digs has been overwhelmingly positive with both the fans and the media seemingly agreeing on the fact that these are simply just awesome. I am not sure if you can tell but I also happen to think these are a really good look for the Bruins and I have to wonder, given the overwhelmingly positive reception, if they may not stick around for a little while longer.

Update: The Bruins have released a statement with more information regarding the availability of the jerseys as well as when they will be worn. From the Bruins official website:

On Black Friday (November 29), the Boston Bruins will take the ice at TD Garden with a new look. They will don the club's new third jersey, the latest alternate since adopting its 2016 Winter Classic jersey as a season-long addition in 2016-17.

The new alternate sweater pays homage to the club's rich heritage, harkening back to the late 1940s, early 1950s era when Bruins legends like Milt Schmidt once styled a gold, varsity block-B as their uniform centerpiece. The new, all-black 2019 alternate features single gold and white stripes around the elbows and bottom of the sweater, and an all-gold collar with gold lettering that matches the Bruins' current primary jersey. The sleeve and hem stripes are inspired by the Bruins unique numbered front jerseys from 1940-1948.

The Bruins will wear the sweater 11 times this season, including this Friday, when the third jersey will become available for all fans to purchase in-store at the ProShop powered by '47 at TD Garden or online at

Here was the initial video that the Bruins used to make the announcement today:

The Bruins also shared some additional footage while poking a little fun at two of their "models."

Here are a few still photos of the brand new jerseys:

So what do you guys think of the new jerseys? Thus far I have yet to see even a single negative response with the possible exception of fans who were hoping to see the Bruins bear make his return to the jersey. Even in those cases however I would be hard pressed to argue that those responses were negative. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.