The hawks might break 27 years old mark.

How times have changed in Chicago.

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The Chicago Blackhawks are a tough team to beat.  They have won the Stanley Cup three times in the last ten years,  they consistently dominate on the ice and they are yet again first in the central division with 105 points.  However, that has not always been the case. 

The team struggled for so lot it became a kind of running gag. With Toews, Kane and now Panarin, the Hawks are good to go for a lot of years to come. However, an interesting feature might be reached sooner than later. 

If history is any indication, it is obvious that the Chicago Blackhawks are cup contenders once again.  The fact that so many players reach the 20 goals mark is a clear sign of how deep the Chicago's roster is. We all know how important depth is in order to win Cups and it seems the Hawks are even more solid then they were for their last Cup!