Tom Wilson helped off the ice after blindside hit from Ryan Reaves!

Wilson just got “Wilsoned”! Finally he knows how it feels...

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Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves was ejected from Tuesday’s game against the Washington Capitals after a late hit on Tom Wilson.

Yes, you read this right: all the names are in the right order. It was Wilson's time to finally see - and feel - what he had done to others so many times before. 

The blindside hit took place late in the second period, and sent Wilson’s helmet flying off his head. The Capitals controversial player did not have the puck at the time of the play, and was in a vulnerable position as he was turned away from Reaves and clearly did not see the Golden Knights enforcer coming his way. Wilson appeared to be shaken up on the play and stayed down on the ice before being helped off by teammates. He did not return to the game. 

You can see the entire sequence of events in the video above, atop this article. 

Reaves was issued a five-minute major penalty for interference, and was ejected from the contest. Though the main point of contact was not the Wilson's head, Reaves’ hit was late which means it could be revised and Reaves could be getting a phone call from the NHL’s player safety department.

The two players had been battling with one another all game long. Reaves laid Wilson out twice in the span of eight-seconds while proceeding to laugh directly in his face during the first period of the physical game. 

Since the beginning of the 2017-18 preseason, Wilson has earned himself four suspensions, and has escaped unscathed a few times. It seems like there was a little payback in Reaves' actions on Tuesday night. 

Wilson finally knows how it feels to get Wilsoned!