“Tonight, Cody Eakin's life ends”

Twitter is on fire as the marked man is back in town!

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Cody Eakin and the Dallas Stars are in the big apple as they're facing the New-York Rangers tonight, the first time since Eakin charged Henrik Lundqvist. This disgraceful hit earned the Stars' forward a ridiculous a well-deserved 4-game suspension.

While the Rangers' player are saying this is a game like any others, the fans in New-York tend to disagree as we've barely never seen such comments on Twitter.

"Tonight, Cody Eakin's life ends"

"Cody Eakin. look out at MSG Center, Rangers are coming for you"

"Even if it's a token gesture, somebody needs to take a run at Cody Eakin tonight. Have to"

"Better keep your head up tonight in New-York"

And the list goes on and on.