Toronto radio host roasts the Bruins, city of Boston, Marchand and Chara in epic rant!

The former Leafs is sick of it and his outburst is simply over the top!

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The Carolina Hurricanes and their fanbase aren’t the only ones upset about the fact that the Boston Bruins swept them last night, winning 4-0 to reach their third Stanley Cup Final in nine years.

It seems like a lot of Toronto Maple Leafs fans are as well. While some might think that because the Leafs lost in seven games at the hands of the Bruins in the first round, it could be Toronto heading into the Stanley Cup final for the first time since 1967. 

It’s not that simple. 

However, for TSN 1050 host and former Maple Leafs first rounder Carlo Colaiacovo, it is upsetting to him as a Leafs fans, but also as a human being. 

The former NHL defenseman had the funniest reaction when asked this morning about how he truly felt to see the Bruins moving on to a chance to hoist the Stanley Cup. 

“Miserable. Absolutely miserable. It stinks. As a Leafs fan, as a human fan. How about that? How about just a humanity fan of that city just getting all of these championships and Marchand getting celebrated again and Chara just being a big giant troll, who spends his off-time fleeing from peasants and eating children. I don’t like any of it!”

This is not only hilarious, but feels so raw and honest. 

However, Colaiacovo took the time last night after the Bruins’ win to say how happy he was for his former teammate David Backes, who is moving on to his first ever Stanley Cup final. The two men played together for years as members of the St. Louis Blues. 

But let’s leave it at that for the poor Carlo…