Trade Rumor: Brandon Smith speaks about trade rumors.

“I’ve loved every moment here.”

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Brandon Smith Speaks About Trade Rumors

The Detroit Red Wings did not officially unveil their intentions to be seller by March 1st even if plenty Wings players are highly rumored. Helen St. James from the Detroit Free Press met with Brendan Smith as his name is linked to multiple trade bait.

I only know Red Wings hockey and I like it,” Smith said after the morning skate. “That’s all I can say. I’ve loved every moment here, good and bad. They have made me a better player. I would like to continue to stay on the Wing path, but there is a business, and you never know what happens.

Smith also briefly talked about the rumors with Ted Kuflan from the Detroit News

I try to stay away from it, but it’s hard not to see it sometimes,” said Smith 

It’s right on my social media, so things happen, but I just try to go out and play,” Smith said. “Basically my whole thing is just keep trying to play and get better and try to help the team win.