Trade Rumors : Duchene pours fuel on the fire!

This will certainly not reduce the speculation around him!

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The Montreal Canadiens were heading to the Colorado last night as they are facing the Avalanche tonight. It's been a tough and struggling year so far for Joe Sakic team which led to many speculations around core players as we get by the trade deadline.

The most popular (or interesting) names so far? Obviously lots a noise around captain Gabriel Landeskog, veteran Jarome Iginla and team Canada's player Matt Duchene.

Just as many team's name who has been linked to Duchene's trade rumor, the Montreal Canadiens are not excluded from the talk. As a matter of fact, Matt Duchene could be on top of Marc Bergevin's list by march 1st.

Met by the press, Duchene dropped surprising comments as he mentioned the Montreal Canadiens has always been his favorite team and he had few francophones over his father's family. No need to say that this quote poured some fuel on the (already) burning fire.

Duchene, 25 years old, still has two reamaining years to his contract. Is he the missing puzzle piece for the Montreal Canadiens?