Trent Frederic sends Panthers a message ahead of Game 4.

Trent Frederic sends Panthers a message ahead of Game 4.

The tough Boston Bruins forward had some hard words for the Florida Panthers ahead of Game 4.

Jonathan Larivee

The Boston Bruins will be entering Game 4 of their second round Stanley Cup playoff series against the Florida Panthers without the services of their captain Brad Marchand.

The Bruins officially confirmed on Sunday that Marchand would not skate in Game 4 and, while that will certainly leave the Bruins at a disadvantage on the ice, that may very well have lit a fire under the Bruins players and staff. Jim Montgomery doubled down on his comments calling out Panthers forward Sam Bennett ahead of Game 4, and now gritty Bruins forward Trent Frederic has sent the Panthers a message of his own.

Frederic was asked about the lack of response from the Bruins to the punch that laid out the team's captain in Game 3, and a fired up Frederic admitted that the players on the bench hadn't noticed what happened initially. They of course have since seen the play which some former NHL players deemed a 'sucker punch' and unsurprisingly it sounds like they are pretty hot about the whole situation.

"I don’t think we all really knew how bad it was," admitted Frederic. "I think guys have now seen a replay of it slowed down, and you can kind of see what he did…I think it pisses off everyone. I think this whole team kind of ticks everyone off to be honest."

That certainly sounds like we may be in for some fireworks in Game 4.