Update: Rick Jeanneret speaks after being rushed to the hospital last night.

Great news from the legend.

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The National Hockey League had a big scar on Saturday night. 

During the broadcast for the Saturday night match up between the Anaheim Ducks and the Buffalo Sabres at the KeyBank Center there was an incident in the broadcast booth involving legendary National Hockey League broadcaster Rick Jeanneret. The play by play for the Sabres broadcast, and in the minds of many the one true voice of the Buffalo Sabres, suffered some type of episode during the 3rd period of the game which he was in the process of calling at the time.

Initially all we heard was that Jeanneret was taken out of the building on a stretcher and obviously based on those initial reports fans around the league were extremely concerned for the well being of one of the most beloved announcers in hockey's history. We would later come to learn that Jeanneret had begun to feel light headed during the game and that had caused him to lower his voice while calling the game. Eventually he called down to the truck to have someone replace him but reportedly blacked out in the broadcast boost only to awaken surrounded by medical personnel.

Thankfully Jeanneret was able to provide an update on his status earlier this morning, letting fans know that he was still alive. Even better he has now spoken to some members of the media and it sounds like he is doing fairly well.

“I’m still here,” said Jeanneret on Sunday morning as per the Buffalo News. “I’m OK, I feel pretty good now.”

 Jeanneret's wife Sarah was also able to confirm the good news, although as you would imagine she was likely quite shaken up by this entire episode.

“He is awake and alert and appears to be good,” said Jeanneret’s wife Sandra.

As for what it was that laid him low in the first place? I must admit that my first thought was that he had suffered some type of stroke or a heart attack, but Jeanneret says that doctor's are not quite sure what happened. He did add though that they have ruled out his heart as the source of the problem which I suppose is good news.

“They’re not exactly sure what it was,” said Jeanneret. “They ruled out the heart. The ticker is fine.”

Hopefully he gets well very soon.