USA Hockey hands out indefinite suspension to teenager for violent slashing attack

Disgusting. This has no place in the game. Warning: Shocking video footage in this article.

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An unnamed teenager in Euless, Texas, playing for the Grapevine/Colleyville Ice Hockey Association has received an indefinite suspension from USA Hockey after a ridiculously dangerous incident involving a two handed slash across the back of an unsuspecting player.

Check out the video of the incident, but we must first warn you that the footage is quite shocking.

Check it out:

The player has been given an indefinite suspension and according to the Texas Amateur Hockey Association Vice President Lucas Reid, the player will have a hearing to determine the severity of the suspension on January 8th.

Read below for Reid’s statement:

"The Texas Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey have worked diligently to make our sport safe and enjoyable for amateur hockey players of all ages. This collective effort has been instrumental in the record growth in our Affiliate over the past six years. We are disturbed by the actions seen on the video from this weekend’s high school game and have taken immediate steps to suspend the offending player indefinitely pending a disciplinary hearing in January. These actions are not part of our game and have no place in our sport. Such acts are extremely rare and not representative of the players and families that participate in the thousands of games we oversee each and every season."