Vegas launch second season with incredible Happy Days parody!

Perfect! An awesome old school nostalgia trip!

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If the inaugural campaign of the Vegas Golden Knights taught us anything it’s that hockey is alive and well in the Nevada desert. Fans across Canada and the United States were skeptical from the moment it was announced that Las Vegas was awarded an NHL franchise, but on the ice and in the stands the team and its fanbase made it clear from the outset that hockey in the desert is unlike anything else.

The uptempo, push the pace style that the Golden Knights play is unlike any other team in the NHL and is certainly unlike any other expansion team in NHL history. Under head coach Gerard Gallant, the Golden Knights play a fast, aggressive style of play full of forechecking and hard hitting hockey. Off the ice, the Golden Knights put on a show like no other team in the NHL. I mean… who can forget those playoff introductions?

Check it out:

A pregame show like no one else in hockey…

You may recall that the team’s social media presence was unlike any other team in the NHL last season as well. The official Golden Knights Twitter account made a point of belittling opponents, calling out opposing players and just generally talking trash all season long. Remember some of these chirps from their first season in the league?

We're definitely proud! But not as proud as are of how many championships they won when there were only 6 teams in the league

Final Score The Desert Team: 9 ? The Canadian Team: 4 ??

We won our 2nd game last night. For those keeping track, that's more than , or the Washington Pro Football Club ?

Well… they may not be calling any out just yet, but it’s clear to see that the creative minds behind the VGK social media team are back to their old tricks.

Check out this INCREDIBLE “Happy Days” parody put out by the Golden Knights today entitled, “Hockey Days”:

How awesome is that!? It certainly takes a hockey fan of a certain vintage to get all the references, but for those of us who ARE lucky enough to be so experienced and refined, this is a real treat.

These Hockey Days are yours and mine... HOCKEY DAYS!