Video: Player suspended for hitting a referee right in the family jewels!

What a dirty cheap shot.

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A Kontinental Hockey League player thought he could be slick and get away with delivering a cheap shot to an on-ice official, he made a big mistake.

The KHL announced today that they would be suspending Admiral Vladivostok forward Viktor Alexandrov for his attack on a KHL referee, albeit surprisingly he will be left off with what seems like a light punishment of only five games.

While when intiially watching the video it was hard to tell exactly what happened, it appears that Alexandrov deliberately drove his the butt-end of his stick into the genitals of the official, needless to say that official quickly tossed him from the game for the offense.

The former St. Louis Blues draft pick is lucky he never made his way state side because such an attack would likely have resulted in a much, much harsher penalty in the National Hockey League, and one has to wonder if the KHL didn't let him off a little too lightly here, perhaps setting a bad precedent.