Wings: Blashill making tough decisions ahead of tonight's game.

This lineup is filled with consequences.

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Being a head coach in the National Hockey League needs a lot of guts.

Like when you're giving the nod to your 3rd string goalie for the sixth time in the last 10 games. Jared Coreau is indeed tin net for tonight's game against Sidney Crosby and the Penguins. Coming into this season, Petr Mrazek was supposed to be the 1st netminder following the astonishing season he had the year before. But lost his job to Jimmy Howard who showed tremendous performances in 2016. With Howard out, Mrazek finally had his shot at redemption... or so he thought as Jared Coreau came in to mix it all up.

How did Blashill come up with this decision?

"Just the same way we decide all our players -- we evaluate, we watch, we make decisions on who we think is going to give us the best chance to win each night," Blashill said. "When he's playing his best he uses his size (6-6) very well. He doesn't over-move, nothing goes through him, he controls his rebounds well. You got to make big saves at big moments. That's the difference in the league lots of times. We've got lots of confidence in him. We've got to make sure we do a good job of limiting those big-time chances against."

Blashill also confirmed that Nick Jensen will be in the lineup tonight, his tenth game of the season. Meaning he will have to clear waivers if he's even sent down to Grand Rapids.