Zdeno Chara talks about the possibility of fighting Conor McGregor in the octagon!

Yes really!

Zdeno Chara talks about the possibility of fighting Conor McGregor in the octagon!

Well this is a crazy story.

On Saturday night during St. Patrick's Day week end in Boston Ultimate Fighting Championship mega star Conor McGregor made an appearance during a National Hockey League game that was contested between the Boston Bruins and the Columbus Blue Jackets. It turned out to be an eventful night with McGregor not only delivering the ceremonial puck drop in front of the fans in attendance at TD Garden, but also getting the Bruins themselves pumped up backstage with a pre game speech in the locker room.

It seems like the Bruins themselves absolutely loved the experience with Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand deliver one of the best goal celebrations of the year in honor of McGregor's presence at the game. Even captain Zdeno Chara had kind words to share regarding McGregor after the UFC star rook the time to introduce himself to, and greet, members of the Bruins' players family who were on hand for the game.

“Obviously very grateful he took time out of his busy schedule and came down and really showed, um, maybe a side fans aren’t really used to seeing,” Chara said as per The Boston Globe. “That’s very nice of him.” 

Chara was not only interested in complementing McGregor however, the big man was later asked about whether or not he would like to fight the cage fighting champion someday, and much to everyone's surprise Chara seemed to love the idea.

“Yeah, we actually joked about it,” Chara said. “I told him my dad was a Greco-Roman wrestler, and that I wrestle every summer.”

In fact Chara said that he would love to compete in the octagon one day and test the skills that he has honed both as an enforcer in the National Hockey League, but also as a wrestler under the tutelage of his father. 

“It would be just an honor to wrestle and grapple a little bit in the Octagon,” Chara said. “That would be fun. That’s something I grew up with, watching my dad and doing a lot of that as a part of my conditioning, and working out in the summer. That’s something I would enjoy.”

Zdeno Chara in the octagon? Who do I need to throw my money at to get a ticket to that show?