Tragedy from across the sports world this morning as plane crash claims 75 lives.

An entire team gone in an instant.

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A horrible tragedy from across the sports world today has claimed dozens of lives in an instant.

A chartered aircraft flying to Brazil via Bolivia carrying members of Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense has crashed on it's approach to the city of Medelin in Columbia and of the 81 people on board it is believed that only five are currently still alive. Early reports suggest that seven people were pulled from the wreck of the crash but two of those seven have since succumb to their injuries.

The South American Football Confederation has suspended all activities and meanwhile Brazil's President Michel Temer has announced three days of national mourning in the country for the lives lost in this tragedy. 

For fans of hockey this situation will seem eerily similar to the 2011 Lokomotiv disaster that claimed the lives of 44 of it's 45 passengers, including the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey club. 

Update: According to the BBC six of the 81 passengers have survived the crash, including three members of the Chapecoense team, although what condition they are in at this time is still unclear.

More to come.