Brawl breaks out after a late blindside hit on Monday night!

All hell breaks loose with just over a minute left in the game!

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The Tampa Bay Lightning may not have put up much of a fight as far as the scoreboard was concerned, but that certainly didn't mean they were about to let the Nashville Predators bully them around on the ice.

A brawl broke out between the two squads after a late and blindside hit from Nashville's Tyler Ennis was delivered to Tampa's J.T. Brown, who despite not seeing it coming seemed to get the better of Ennis on the hit itself. Brown immediately exploded on Ennis punding him with punches on the ice before everyone from both teams got involved in the brawl.

While one could argue it was incidental contact, when you consider the context of Brown's hit earlier of Ennis' teammate Filip Forsberg, it seems far more likely that there was some motivation behind this hit, revenge, rather than it being just an accident.