Cam Ward gets away with a slash to the back of Hornqvist's leg.

He may have a paddle shaped bruise.

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Carolina Hurricanes veteran netminder Cam Ward wanted to make sure everyone knew his crease was off limits.

On Friday night the Hurricanes welcomed the Pittsburgh Penguins to PNC Arena and during the second period a very frustrated Ward was bumped in the crease by Penguins forward Patric Hornqvist and he answered that with a chopping slash to the back of Hornqvist's leg.

Ward had already allowed four goals at that point and it's likely that his emotion got the best of him, but luckily for him the officiating crew missed the play so he got off scot-free. Unfortunatrly for Ward the Penguins got the last laugh, shelling him with 41 shots, 7 of which were goals, as they cruised to a 7-1 victory.