Flyers and Penguins trade beautiful goals back to back.

Raffl and Rust putting on a show.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins faced off against bitter rivals the Philadelphia Flyers on Monday night and as expected it was an action packed game.

Obviously the primary concern for the Penguins after this game will be the injury to starting goaltender Matt Murray, however the game also featured some amazing offensive highlights.

In the third period both the Penguins and Flyers traded incredible back to back goals when both Bryan Rust of the Penguins and Michael Raffl of the Flyers attempted to put their respective team on their backs. 

The two players were similar, starting with a turnover at the blue line resulting in a scoring chance and both were outstanding individual efforts that will almost certainly make the highlight reel on Tuesday morning. 

The question is who do you think did it better?

Here's the Rust goal:

Followed by the goal from Raffl just a few minutes later.