Top prospect suffers broken hand while winning a fight, could miss the season.

He won the fight in convincing fashion but was it worth it?

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There absolutely no doubt that the Brandon Wheat King's Jayce Hawryluk won this fight in convincing fashion, but one now has to ask was it really worth the cost?

While there has been no official announcement, Geroge Richards of the Miami Herald is now reporting that Hawryluk has suffered a broken hand and as a resullt his first season as a professional will be "delayed," although given that we don't yet know the severity of the damage to his hand, it's hard to gauge if it will cost him the entire season at this point.

It's devastating news for the Florida Panthers you clearly viewed the 20 year old center as one of their top prospects, and in all likelihood a player who would have seen somne NHL minutes this season, if not an even more significant role than that.

A video of the fight was captured and has been released online, you can clearly see that this is a one sided affaire, but it's also clear that after Hawryluk lays a beatdown on his opponent that he is favoring his injured hand, and is in some discomfort.