Watch as Henrik Zetterberg picks up Pavel Datsyuk's teeth off the ice.

Datsyuk loses a few chiclets in Game 2.

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If a player has to ask his teammate to go get his teeth off the ice, you may have missed a high sticking call.

The Detroit Red Wings, their fans, and most of all forward Pavel Datsyuk, were all incensed at non-call that took place in Game 2 of their first round playoff match up against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Datsyuk was struck to the face by the stick of Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman, and the blow left his mouth a bloody mess, and down a few chiclets as well.

To make matters worse for Detroit, after Datsyuk realized he wasn't getting a call he went back after Hedman and was called for a two minute minor of his own, only adding to his anger. Datsyuk immediately got in the officials face, who upon seeing Datsyuk's mouth promptly looked away, likely realizing he had missed one.

A tough break for the Wings, but especially rough for Pavel Datsyuk.